Thermoquímica was formed in 1976, starting with the production, packaging and distribution of industrial cleaning products.

In 1984, following market opportunities, the company invests in the manufacture and commercialization of a wide range of household cleaning products, focusing and reinforcing its sales in “privet label” products for supermarket chains.

In 1994, with the huge expansion in the number of hypermarkets and “Hard and Soft Discount” stores, there was a large increase in demand for “privet label” products. Thermoquímica initiates the development of new products to increase its range, which had an immediate very good acceptance.

In 1997 Thermoquímica was awarded the PME Excellence award for its economic – financial performance and management profile.

That same year, begins the construction of a new factory site in Sobral de Monte Agraço in order to create their own infrastructure, centralizing all its services.

In February 1998 was completed the new plant, which included the offices.

In 1999, it begins a new phase of investment, this time facing the modernization of production equipment, filling equipment and the quality control laboratory.

In 2002, Thermoquímica start quality certification process ISO 9001: 2000 in order to improve its processes and assure its customers excellent quality products.

In April 2003 the Thermoquímica gets the quality certification by ISO 9001: 2000.

In August 2005 the company finalizes the expansion of its plant.

At the same time investing in the modernization of its production equipment, doubling its installed capacity and installing two new filling lines.

In March 2009 Thermoquímica gets the quality certification by ISO 9001: 2008.

In July 2010 the Thermoquímica was present for the first time in FILDA – International Fair of Luanda.

During the year 2011 it was taken some internal measures of environmental character in order to be reduced the amount of water used in washing.

During the year 2012 it developed a more modern image for the labels of its Professional Range products, accompanied by the launch of new products and a new catalogue.

Thermoquímica made its first market prospection in to Mozambique and South Africa integrated in a business mission.

In 2013 Thermoquímica website was updated and it was made available photographs for all domestic and professional product range. In the same year it was opened a business page on the Facebook social network which has become another communication channel regarding events, and new product launches.

In August 2013 Thermoquímica was present in FACIM for the first time – International Fair of Mozambique, closing a deal with a local company to represent our brands in this market.

April 2014 was made the first market prospection trip to Cape Verde.

That same year catalogues were created in English for the domestic and professional product range.

In 2015 Thermoquímica expanded its plant and reorganized its entire section of production and fillers. This reorganization was accompanied by the modernization of its production system by automating the input in the production system of a significant new set of raw materials. A new water treatment system as been implemented to increase water production. In fillers section was installed new packaging equipment that along with the improvements made in the production section will allow a significant increase in installed capacity as well as to initiate a new business unit.