Quality Policy

The continuous  INNOVATION in quality of the products and services provided in order to satisfy the clients and consumer needs.

COMMUNICATION with customers and consumers in order to establish a RELIABLE relationship with our technical and organizational capacity, providing a product and service with the quality level required to meet their needs.

EFFICIENCY in responding to customer and consumer requests.

COOPERATION with suppliers and other organizations, providing sustainable business relationships that stand out for the mutual benefit.

THE VALORIZATION of its employees, through recruitment, continuous training and motivation, giving them opportunities for development, as well as their participation in continuous improvement of the final product.

THE OPTIMIZATION of the available resources use, in the strictest respect for the principles of eco-efficiency, social and environmental responsibility.

THE RECORD of all actions relevant to the product and service quality.

MAINTENANCE of the infrastructure, equipment, support services and working environment, thus providing optimization of the conditions that have been reflected in a product and service of higher quality. As well as the protection and promotion of the health of our employees.

COMPLIANCE with all legal requirements, product safety, quality, process, specifications and customer requirements.

THE PLANNING of the main activities developed.

The AMBITION seeking to improve the products quality, services and sustained growth, thus ensuring the Continuous Improvement of the Quality Management System Efficiency.

The FOCUS on improving customer and consumer satisfaction by analyzing market risks and opportunities.


Product safety CULTURE takes into account shared values, beliefs and norms that affect the mindset and behavior regarding product safety throughout the organization.