Concentrated Degreaser

The Concentrated Degreaser is intended for cleaning multisurfaces such as hoods, stoves, tables, countertops, glass, stainless steel, fabric and other washable surfaces.

Antibacterial, odorless and colorless.
Advanced formula that allows its use in many different surfaces and types of dirt always with maximum efficiency, even in parched fats.
Excellent cleaning results coupled with a finish without blemishes
Laboratory Tested according to EN 1276.

Dosage: Use diluted in the proportions: Weak Mixing (50ml / l water); Normal Mixture (100ml / l water); Mixture Forte (200ml / l water) – Spray about 20-25 cm from the surfaces to be cleaned by spraying applying a sufficient dose to leave the wet surface without forming drops in excess. Turning then with a clean, dry cloth.

For surfaces that come in direct contact with foodstuffs, after cleaning, rinse for advice.

Box 4x5L | Palette with 36 boxes

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