D1300 – Industrial Degreaser

The D1300 is designed for cleaning and degreasing of any metal surface. Removes all effectiveness the type of oils, grease and other difficult encrusted waste.

Formula concentrated and diluted allows economic use but can also be used in a more concentrated form for more demanding work.
Formula designed for use on metal surfaces, eliminating the dirt and grease leaving greasy film on the surfaces.
High degreasing power of mineral and synthetic oils.
Ideal for cleaning car engines and chassis.
Can be used in high pressure washers.

pH: 12
Dosage: Use diluted: Add 100ml/L of water. Direct Use: Apply the product directly, with the aid of a cloth in spots or stains.
For surfaces that come in direct contact  with foodstuffs, after cleaning, rinse for advice.
Package: 1L, 5L, 10L, 20L

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